Blue Ocean Developers are UK’s growing property development company with its strong base and connections in Pakistan. Board members of Blue Ocean Developers, all being the British Pakistanis have strong ties with their home country and they have over 15+ years collective experience in UK and overseas property development.

We specialise in the design, development, delivery and management of residential and commercial properties as part of our own investment portfolio and on behalf of others. We were established from the desire to provide modern yet practical residential and commercial properties, which would offer real value for money without compromising on design, durability and quality.

With a strong team of competent individuals, we are continuously and ambitiously working towards incorporating the modern methods to successfully completing and delivering high-end residential and commercial projects. We are known for our great values, innovation, and timely delivery in industry.


Louis Glickman

Mr. Ahmed Naveed
Mr. Gul Zaman Ahmed